With Thanksgiving arriving in a few days, I have been thinking about the importance of thankfulness and gratitude. Unfortunately, most of us don’t think about this on a daily basis.

It’s that time of year again when we start to think about Thanksgiving and all the other holidays that will follow.  My first reaction is a positive one, thinking of

Have you ever noticed that as the days get shorter, and the hours of sunlight lessen, your mood shifts?  When it’s bright and sunny everyone tends to be in a

Some people tend to view being single over 40 as a negative thing—there are the common stereotypes of the old maid, the spinster, the weirdo cat lady, or the loner

As a growing number of women continue to look for love over the age of 40, there are the same traditional complexities as well as new, more contemporary complications that

When you’re in your 40s, dating can be a little bit tricky to navigate. Many of us are getting back into the dating scene after taking a break (or yes,

Many singles I know over the age of 40 ask me what the best ways to meet someone are. Well, my mother, who met my father when he came over to

If you’re dating over 40, you come to the dating scene with a lot of experience from your past loves and relationships. Sometimes that experience can work in your favor—you

If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll meet a lot of great men while dating in your 40s. But meeting the right man takes work, effort, and more than

If you’re still single over 40, it may be that you’re the best catch in the world and your time just hasn’t come yet. Or is it something deeper? As

Holidays are most enjoyable when you have a partner or spouse to celebrate with, along with a handful of children. However, they can be difficult when you’re single and alone.

2017 is here! The start of the New Year is a great time for making resolutions, but it’s also about creating goals and trying new things to live a more

After speaking with numerous men in their 40s, I’ve found that the majority of them look at women over 40 in two ways; they either love the fact that they’re

Whether you’re dating in your 20s, 30s, 40s or older, it seems that everyone is in a better mood in the summertime. What is it that makes us come alive

As the author of the book Single and Not Settling! A Journey of Surviving the Dating World I’ve interviewed a number of men and women in their 40s on the

When each relationship fails and you start over, there is a sense of dread, even if your past relationship was a horror. I don’t know too many people that are

January 24, 2018

Dating with Caution

In one of my latest blogs, I talked about how to potentially meet people and how those of us in our 40s and 50s are in a transitional period. Meaning,

January 24, 2018

The Dilemma in Dating

Just the word “dating” gives many single people hives. Men and women search in earnest for their dream mate, soul-mate, or simply the “right person” – only to walk away

We all know what it feels like to walk into a room full of people, including at least a few eligible men. Why does one always immediately grab your interest?

It’s true that physical attraction and chemistry can jump start any relationship. But what does it take to form a lasting relationship? If a relationship ignites too quickly, primarily inflamed

January 24, 2018

Dating in the 21st Century

Lets face it ladies, dating in this fast paced world is difficult and often disappointing. You would think with all the social media sites and dating apps at our fingertips,